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6.  Design of standard units of 57' stock   (Cont'd)

(e) Seating arrangements

The standard seating arrangement is 12 first class and 53 second class seats per unit.  Messrs.Park Royal state that in regard to the vehicles they have under construction, to provide 12 first class and 53 second class seats will necessitate a great deal of alteration which will seriously affect production and they have prepared a scheme for 16 first class and 48 second class seats per unit.  Mr.Stanley said it would be an expensive job if Messrs.Park Royal were now instructed to alter the design of their units, and it was agreed that the firm proceed with 16 first class and 48 second class seats per unit.

(f) Ash Trays

Mr.Dow said he had received a criticism from a member of the public regarding the quality, siting and number of ash trays in diesel units.  Noted by Mr.Stanley.

7.  Condition of passenger stations concerned in diesel schemes.

Mr.Butland said that the maintenance schedules for 1957 include work at stations on the diesel routes and, if necessary, further financial allocation will be requested.


1.  General Policy

(a) Design.  Replies now received from departments concerned.   With the preliminary information available it is not yet possible to go into details.  Further information will be available when the type of unit to be allocated to this Region is decided.

(b) Proposals for employment of four rail buses.  Mr.Gould reported that investigation is still in hand.

2.  Buckingham - Banbury Line

(a)   Traffic receipts to 30.11.56 shown on Appendix 'A' attached.

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