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4.  Fuel Oil Supplies   (Contd.)

Mr.Adkinson will supply the estimated monthlly fuel oil consumption up to the end of June 1957 in respect of diesel rail cars and diesel locomotives.

5.  Conveyance of Parcels Traffic

Three diesel parcels vans for the West Cumberland area on order from Messrs.Cravens, delivery date June 1957. Mr.Gould said that if these vans are delivered as scheduled and the limitations on oil remain, the vans will require to be stabled.

6.  Design of Standard units of 57' stock

(a) Streamlining

The General Manager has asked Mr.Randle to examine and supply alternative outlines for tapering out or streamlining to convey the impression of speed, power and modernity. Mr.Stanley said that sketches of various shapes were being prepared but pointed out that there is no advantage to be gained by streamlining for speeds under 100 miles per hour; also streamlining is very expensive, including maintenance costs.

(b) Increase of H.P. of A.E.C. Engines from 150 to 165

Noted that it is not possible for a conclusion to be reached on this test until the engine has run about 50,000 miles, which will take approximately 12 months, and Mr.Finlayson will report after that time.

(c) Advertising in diesel units

Mr.Salmon reported that this matter is still in the hands of the B.T.C.

(d) Metal Racks

Mr.Stanley stated that the additional cost of substituting metal racks for string racks was from £45 to £62 per vehicle and that arrangements are already in hand for the alteration to be carried out. Having regard to the fact that string racks have always been satisfactory and that it is more expensive to maintain metal racks, the Committee consider, in view of the additional cost, it is not necessary to make any alteration.

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