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477. INTER-CITY TRAINS.  (Contd.)

3.  Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford Scheme

Mr.Nicholls reported that following consultation between the C.M.& E.E., C.& W.E. and Accountant's Departments the estimated first costs of diesel train sets and the repair costs per train mile had been reduced.  The extent of further possible reductions in the diesel costs as the result of various modifications of the scheme had been advised to the Chief Operating Superintendent, Chief Commercial Manager and Motive Power Superintendent.  It was noted that the scheme was at present being re-examined as to diesel requirements and steam savings.

The Chairman stressed the urgency of the final report being submitted.

4.  Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester Scheme.

Mr.Gould reported that good progress is being made with the preparation of this scheme and it is anticipated that the units spare at week-ends can be utilised locally.


1.  Minutes of meeting of sub-commitee held on the 23rd October 1956 noted.

2.  Re-profiling machine for tyres of units.  Noted that details of this machine have been sent to Mr.Randle, and Mr.Stanley will circulate to members of the Committee copies of the memorandum of 26th November regarding this machine.


1.  Manchester Part 1 scheme  (Certain services not yet in operation)

(a)  Four 2-car Metro-Cammell sets with Rolls Royce engines. Agreed at last meeting that these sets be utilised on the Manchester - Buxton service. Noted that they are not capable of coupling to the Derby built units in service in the Manchester area and it is therefore not practicable to schedule then exclusively to the Manchester - Buxton service, and it will be necessary for them also to work other trains in the Manchester Part 1 scheme.

(b)  Completion of scheme.   Mr.Gould stated that as units are delivered from makers they will be introduced into the scheme without waiting for the full complement of units being received.  (See also minute 475.3(b)).

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