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6.  Condition of passenger stations concerned in diesel schemes.

The Chairman said that the General Manager is not desirous of the condition of passenger stations concerned with diesel schemes being entirely goverened by budget considerations; if considered necessary, further financial allocation for this purpose can be requested.  Mr.Butland said the joint inspection of stations at district level ahead of the introduction of diesels should take care of this aspect if carried out early enough.


1.  General Policy

(a)  Drawings of design of rail buses are now with the departments concerned and the Chairman requested that their views be given as early as possible.

(b)  Proposals for the employment of four rail buses for the L.M.Region are under consideration.

2.  Buckingham - Banbury Line

(a)  Traffic receipts to 30.10.56. shown on Appendix "A" attached.

(b)  Use of motor car and trailer instead of two motor cars.  Noted that spare trailer is now in use on the Manchester - Buxton Line.

(c)  Proposed new halts.  Mr.Read stated that a recommendation for two new halts for this branch is shortly to be submitted.  To minimise the cost of these, it was agreed that consideration be given to the operation of the line by the new type of rail buses possibly fitted with collapsible steps to give access to rail level.


1.  Design of units.   Noted that tests have had to be postponed owing to Christmas traffic.  Question of whether the generator can be accomodated underneath the coach is under consideration.

2.  Destination indicators.   Agreed necessary for side destination boards to be provided.  Regarding destination indication boxes at front of units, agreed that these indicate only the final destination station, and Chief Operating Superintendent will take the initiative in arranging this.

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