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Interim report considered with following comments :-

(a) Birmingham, Redditch, Evesham, Ashchurch Line. C.C.M. to confer with Mr.Pickford.

(b) Paragraph 5 regarding proposed train services to be amplified in final report.

(c) Paragraph 6. Type of unit to be considered in the light of high power units becoming available.

(d) Paragraph 8. Decided that, based on past experience, a round figure of 50% be included for increased revenue.

(e) Paragraph 11. Number of coaches to be saved. Mr.Gould to re-consider.

Final report to be submitted by the end of March.


Reference was made to Mr.Johnson's letter of 22nd December (copies sent to Messrs.Hearn, Clayton, Harrison and Randle), and the Chairman requested that the L.M. departmental officers concerned should contact the Eastern Region Officers concerned with a view to an early decision being given as to the intentions of the Eastern Region regarding the Manchester Eastern Operating Area.

The Chairman referred to the proposed electrification of the Styal Line by January 1959 and to the inadvisability of commencing a diesel service over the line before electrification. Mr.Gould said he already had this question under consideration and hoped to be in a position at the next meeting to report to the committee, and he would also bear in mind the possibility of diesel units allocated to the Styal Line being utilised in North Wales. Mr.Butland said that Engineers' work on the Manchester - Crewe routes may make the possible diesel services unattractive.


Noted that estimates for the conversion of the Newton Heath Works and a portion of Horwich Works are being compiled and it is hoped that these will be ready for consideration at the next meeting. Mr.Adkinson will give early detail of accomodation required at Newton Heath, and Mr.Gould of the access roads.

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