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403. STANDARD UNITS OF 57' STOCK.   (Contd.)

(i)     Outside colours of units

Noted that it has been decided that the fronts of units for this Region shall be finished with a "feather plume", and the matter is being considered by the B.T.C. in respect of other Regions.

Agreed that the Bury - Bacup and West Cumberland units shall also be finished in the same way, Mr.Stanley to arrange.

Mr.Tonge to consider whether there is any publicatity value in this innovation.


Noted that the question of the supply of parcels vans for the West Cumberland area came before the Works & Equipment Committee on the 21st December and approval is now awaited.

Mr. Varley stated that the B.T.C. have raised the question as to whether the guard's compartment in the centre of the vans is necessary, and Mr.Gould said the lay-out of the standard van was required.

It was agreed that for the West Cumberland vans, gangways are not required, Mr.Varley to advise B.T.C. regarding both guard's compartments and gangways.

Mr.Gould raised the question as to whether these steel framed vans would be capable of hauling an ordinary brake van and as there appeared some doubt on this point it was decided that Mr.Larkin should look into the matter from the point of view of :-

(a) "Boosting" the 150 H.P. engines up to 200 H.P.


(b) Fitting the vans with 200 H.P. engines.


The minutes of meeting of the Sub-committee held on the 17th November were noted and the Chairman pressed for special attention to be given to the various proposals under consideration for maintenance.


The Chairman stated that the Officers concerned in the L.M. and E.Regions have again been pressed for their report, and he asked that Messrs.Gould, Read and Adkinson contact the Officers of the Eastern Region concerned with a view to a report being submitted.

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