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402. INTER-CITY TRAINS  (Contd.)

(d) Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester Scheme

Mr.Gould said this scheme is still in course of preparation and it is not yet possible to give the number of trains required.


(a) Allocation of units bein built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as appendix "A".

(b) Rolls Royce Engines (6 cylinders)

Noted that the details of this transfer have now been resolved. Mr.Varley to contact Metro-Cammell regarding delivery date which has been put back from March/May 1956 to June/August 1956.

(c) Seating Arrangements

Noted that following the General Manager's inspection of a Metro-Cammell unit, the B.T.C. have been requested to arrange for 12 first class seats to be fitted in any new units for this Region.

(d) Heights of backs of first and third class seats

Agreed that a test be made on the Blackpool - Preston run on 9th February. For this purpose, one vehicle to be fitted with first and third class seats 3" lower than at present, the other car to be fitted with seats to present design. Mr.Stanley to arrange.

(e) Lighting of Derby built units

Mr.Larkin reported that on the journey on November 22nd, the batteries of the vehicle were run down, but under normal conditions the lighting of the two vehicles of the unit will be identical.

(f) Maximum carrying capacity

Noted that a modification is being made to one vehicle at Derby and it is hoped that a test will be made before the next meeting, when Mr.Stanley will report.

(g) Wiring Diagrams of Derby built units.

Mr.Larkin said the C.M.& E.E. had loaned a Technical Assistant to the C.& W.Engineer, and although the diagrams are not yet complete, it is hoped they will be available within the next two to three weeks.

(h) Allocation of diesel stock to Operating Areas.

Mr.Gould has in hand and no further action by the Committee is necessary.

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