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Vehicle 51860

Class 115

BR Diagram 598

Builder: BR Derby Works
Type: High Density
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: None
Engines: Albion 230hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30595
Diagram: 598



Date: 3rd February 1991

A rather bleak view of "round the back" at Doncaster Works on 3rd February 1991. M51860 and M51370 look fairly forlorn in the cold and damp. I don't know if they were here for disposal or repairs. The one thing I didn't notice until I scanned the original slide was the lump of blue metal on the right. This is actually a roof panel from one of the long-departed Deltics which were cut up here some eight or nine years earlier. Syd Young.


Date: November 1991

Set number: T409

Last days of dmus on the Cross City line. A November 1991 view of unit T409 (presumably 51860 59600 59367 53894)leaving Sutton Coldfield on a Four Oaks to Longbridge service. Services were electrified Feb 1992. This was the scene of an accident when a York - Bristol train derailed at speed killing 14, on 23/1/1955. Stephen Burdett.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 24th May 1980

Allerton based 51852 (leading) 59722 59715 51860 with another unit on Rainhill shuttle duties, 24th May 1980 seen at Liverpool. Robert Frise.


Date: 22nd May 1984

Set number: 256

Tyseley set 256 is formed 53116 and 51860 (a 116/115 hybrid) and has 51151 added when seen at Worcester on the 22nd May 1984. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 26th July 1991

Set number: T409

The often-smokey atmosphere of Birmingham New Street is shown to good effect in this rather gloomy shot, with Tyseley's hybrid 4-car suburban set T409 formed class 116 DMS 53894 (nearest) with out of sight 59367 (class 116 TC), 59600 (class 127 TSL) & 51860 (class 115 DMBS) adding it's contribution on 26/Jul/1991. Many of the Tyseley suburban sets contained class 127 centre trailers which were gangwayed, refurbished and painted blue/grey for the first time in their lives when the St.Pancras - Bedford line was electrified. This saw the class 127 power cars withdrawn, with some being converted for parcels use, and the trailers sent north to the West Midlands for another 10 years' use and becoming the longest-lived class 127 vehicles other than those which were preserved. Robert Chilton.


Date: 23rd January 1993

Set number: T412

T412 (53116 + 59446 + 59591 + 51860) at Redditch, having arrived as the 09:36 ex-New St, and about to form the 10:23 to New St. Note the wiring which was near to completion, spelling the end of most Tyseley DMU’s. 23rd January 1993. Gazza Prescott.


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