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Vehicle 50275 / 53275 / 78711

Class 111

BR Diagram 616

Builder: Met-Camm
Type: Low Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Engines: Rolls Royce 180hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30268
Diagram: 616

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

50275 - original number
53275 - from Apr-83 (53xxx / 54xxx change)
78711 - from circa Jun-84 (single engine conversion)

No images of the vehicle available.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 26th January 1983

On a very dark January 26th 1983, Metro-Cammell power twin E50280 + E50275 loads up at March whilst working the 10.38 Doncaster - Cambridge. It was unusual to see a power twin set in East Anglia and this one was based at Leeds Neville Hill depot. Two months earlier these services had been diverted via Peterborough following closure of the joint line from March to Spalding. Gerard Fletcher.


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