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(a)  Design of Units.

 (i)  Door arrangement for suburban services.

Drawing No.DE.21170 of proposed door arrangement for diesel suburban stock on the lines of new S.R. electric type of stock considered, and it was agreed that Mr.Stanley would give a "shot" estimate of the cost of this type of vehicle, together with particulars of the anticipated weight.

(ii)   Welded type of roller bearing axleboxes.

All cars being built in light alloy will have boxes to the standard cast steel design, but when the fabricated design is produced, Messrs.Timken will supply a small number of boxes to be substituted for a similar quantity of cast steel boxes. In addition, arrangements have been made to order 12 cast steel boxes for use as spares.

(iii)  Layout of Guard's Van.

Mr.Stanley said that some misunderstanding in connection with this matter has arisen as the drivers of the rail cars have not understood that the lockers already provided in the Guard's compartment are for their own use. Arrangements have been made for the words "Driver's locker" to be stencilled on the door.

(iv)  Floor Coverings.

Schemes are being prepared for the provision of a mat for the entrance to the first class compartment.

 (v)  Fire Protection.

Mr.Adkinson referred to the paragraph in the notes of the meeting of the 25th November that the stopping of all engines by the operation of the fire alarm was not acceptable, and it was agreed that he would arrange for the matter to be pursued through the Motive Power Committee.

(vi)   Clearances.

It was confirmed that all stock to be used in future schemes listed in Minute 222 will be to the same dimensions so far as clearances are concerned as those applying to the stock for the West Cumberland area.

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