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(a)  First Unit.   (Contd.)

Unit is again out of service in Wolverton Works and it was suggested that it be repainted in new colours whilst in the works this time, but having regard to the uncertainty of delivery of the second unit it was decided that repainting it be deferred until definite information is received regarding delivery of second unit.

(b)  Second Unit.

The Chairman said he had again been in communication with B.U.T. Ltd. regarding delivery and would advise the members of the reply received.

(c)  Fuelling and maintenance arrangements at Watford.

Noted that these will be completed by January 15th, 1955.

(d)  Rail Lubrication.

Mr.King stated that lubricators have been ordered and will be installed in a week or so.


(a)  Delivery of Unit.

No further information received regarding placing of order and Chairman will speak to Mr.Bond.

(b)  Rail lubrication.

Mr.King stated that the question of rail lubrication is being considered for each scheme as it arises and in respect of Harrow-Belmont, the matter was already under notice.


(a)  Publicity.

Mr. Read stated that the posters at Silloth had been approved, and produced proof of a revised handbill. Agreed that Mr.Dow be represented at the next meeting in connection with publicity arrangements.

(b)  Delivery of Units.

Noted that the delivery of units to the area will be completed by January 22nd, 1955.

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