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Swindon Inter-City 79xxx series 3/6-car DMUs

Non-passenger and foreign use

Derelict 126 Liberia

Five of the withdrawn leading power cars (79091/3/4/6/7) were exported to Africa to work miner's trains on the LAMCO system in Liberia (four were refurbished by St. Rollox en-route). Fitted with cowcatchers and headlamps, for a while they retained their blue grey livery (with "LAMCO Inter-City" markings on the bodyside) before receiving the LAMCO orange colours with a thick center white stripe. One vehicle was seriously damaged around 1983 after hitting a lorry on a crossing - it was disposed off by being pushed into a swamp. Soon after the use of the other vehicles declined. The railway was abandoned during the civil war, and pictures that emerged afterwards showed just rusting shells remained, as depicted in the two images by Thomas Johannesson taken in 2009 in the former workshop / yard at Yekepa, robbed of pretty much everything. Mining had begun again in the area this time with the firm Mittal, and the railway has been re-opened but stopping just short of the old workshops.


One other E.&G. vehicle - leading power car 79098 - found further use as a mess coach 975426 in the Bletchley brakedown train from 1975 - 82. It is seen in the image at Westhouses depot on December 1 1979. Howard Johnston


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