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Swindon Inter-City 79xxx series 3/6-car DMUs


Green Swindon Inter-City DMU with whiskers

Green with whiskers

All the vehicles were delivered in the lighter 'Multiple Unit' green with cream lining. Scottish Region power cars were often noted without coaching crests. Whiskers were applied to the leading cabs, on the intermediate cabs these were applied to the gangway covers. The image shows a set in this livery on the first day of the Birmingham - Swansea service on June 17, 1957 at Snow Hill. Michael Mensing.

Green Swindon Inter-City DMU with yellow panel

Green with yellow panel

When vehicles were due for their first repaint they appeared in the darker 'Loco Green' with yellow panels appearing at the same time. The image shows a set snaking its way through Princes Street Gardens towards Edinburgh Waverley on 22 June 1968. This was during the change to the next livery, so it's a mixture of green and blue /grey liveries, and the second vehicle could be blue with a small yellow panel although there were also reports of an unlined green vehicle at this time. Graham Johnston.

Swindon Inter-City DMU in blue / grey livery

Blue / Grey

The majority of Edinburgh & Glasgow vehicles went straight from green into Blue & Grey livery, since these were Inter-City services. The image shows a six-car set with five vehicles in blue and grey and the rear one still in green heading away from Haymarket towards Glasgow. GM Staddon.

Swindon Inter-City DMU in blue livery

Rail blue with full yellow ends

The 79xxx vehicles allocated to Ayr received plain livery to match the 5xxxx sets. The image shows centre car SC79479 in Ayr station on 26-02-77. Built as a TF(L), it is now a TC(L). Vincent Haworth.

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