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Class 129 Cravens Parcel DMU Cars


Class 129 End data

Delivered in lined green with whiskers, silver/grey roof and red buffer beam. White tyres were also applied on delivery. One end carried small data text painted on the left side (pictured right). The coaching crest roundel, normally centred on a bodyside was off-centre due to door placement. It was always to the left side due to the radiator filler on the right side. Gutter edges were black.

At the guard's van end was the usual "Load ??tons distributed", and after a short time text was added to each corner of the bodyside to the inner side of the drivers door "Tail Load - Tare Weight Not to Exceed 32 Tons".

During the whisker era electrification flashes were added in various places and the outer jumper sockers painted white. A depot code could sometimes be found on the lower cab corner, such as '3G'.

The path of the the top lining passed through the top of the cab windows, but this wasn't noticeable as the window frames were left unpainted. However when the vehicles were repainted in the yellow panel area it wasn't unknown for the window frames to be painted green and the lining to stop where it met the windows (with no line between the windows).

The arrival of corporate blue saw the short-lived small-yellow panel variation applied to at least 55999, carrying the smaller 2" numbers and double arrows on the cab doors. 55998 at least carried the 2" numbers rather than the normal 3" figures in regular full-yellow end blue livery, which had the double arrows on the bodyside to the side of the drivers doors.

In all liveries, despite being only a class of three, there are a great many variations in placement of text and logos!

When converted to departmental use 55997 Hydra also received the red/blue RTC livery

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