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Class 129 Cravens Parcel DMU Cars


They were obviously based on the previous Cravens power cars already delivered (the Class 105/6s). Cab end differences from the passenger cars were the lack of destination box and the waist level jumper sockets for the yellow diamond multiple working. As the Derby and Met-Camm yellow diamond vehicles, the jumper leads were kept inside the vehicle, unlike the blue square vehicles which were left in place, but by the time yellow panels were added dummy sockets were added and the left hand leads left in place. Another difference was the ventilation grille, which was under the route indictor box on the passenger cars but to the right of it on the parcels cars.

Behind one cab (and separated by a bulkhead) was a small guards area, which contained fire buckets, emergency vacuum bags, fire extinguisher and final drive fork.

As well as a drivers door in each corner, there were three sets of double doors on each side. One set of these had a left hand door which opened inwards for the guard, identifiable by being shorter at the bottom, a different door handle and footsteps underneath. This identified the end which the van was located, the other clue was it was the only one of the four sidelights on each side which didn't have vertical window bars.

There were three fillers on each bodyside, a radiatior filler at waist level and two fuel fillers on the lower bodyside. The exhaust pipes - in common with other Cravens vehicles - passed through the interior on the rear of the guard's bulkhead to reach the roof.

When new the all steel single bolster bogies had outside swing links, these were later removed because of rough riding.

When new they were quoted as being able to carry 4 tons.

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