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Class 125 Derby 3-car DMUs


The power cars were almost identical to the second and third batches of Class 116. The differences were:

  • The train vacuum pipes hung vertically down at the front of 125s as opposed to projecting forward on 116s (there were however two exceptions to this in the form of 50988 and 51154).
  • Two windscreen wipers were carried on each driving car of a 125 as opposed to the original one each end on a 116, later 116s were fitted with two each end.
  • Only one MU jumper cable was fitted to a 125 on the opposite side to that of the two fitted to 116s.
  • The Orange Star coupling code symbol, rather than the more usual Blue Square was displayed on the extreme lower corners of each cab front.
Vehicle at Derby

This image shows the inner end of DMS 50999, seen at Derby Litchurch Lane after withdrawn on the 13th August 1977. Many of the underframe components have been removed. Note the steps on the bogie and the handrail, giving an exit / access point at this end of the vehicle from track level. This would have been added at the same time the internal partitions were altered giving through access inside. Photographer unknown.

The trailers were also very similar to those of the 116 with little to identify them except that of their interior bulkhead which dictated slightly different bulkhead window positions between the two types. (In fact all DMU suburban trailers, though basically very similar, had slightly different bulkhead window positions between each class.

Interior walls were formica covered in a pattern identical to that used on the Ayrshire Class 126s. Bulkhead walls appear to be plain coloured, and window surrounds were a dark varnished wood.

While built with round buffers, some did receive oval ones later on. The units were never gangway fitted and were not included in the refurbishment programme.

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