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Class 121 Pressed Steel Single / 2-car DMUs


The original TOPS classification for the DTS vehicles was Class 149.

    Type Seats Lot No. Diagram No. Weight
55020 - 55035   DMBS 65 2nd 30518 512 37t 8cwt
56280 - 56289   DTS 93 2nd 30519 513 29t 7cwt
      89 2nd (gangwayed)   513A (gangwayed)  

Only the DTS vehicles were gangwayed, they couldn't use the gangway working with a bubble car but could be used with other classes.

The DTS vehicles were renumbered to 54280-9 circa 1983.


Three vehicles were named while in the care of Silverlink, the names previously were carried on withdrawn Class 117 vehicles:
55027 - Bletchley TMD
55029 - Marston Vale
55031 - Leslie Crabbe


Worksplates were carried on the vehicle solebars to identify the builder and lot number. Many of the worksplate images on the website are by Simeon Gaskell and John Horne.

Lot 30518 worksplate

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