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Class 117 Pressed Steel 3-car DMUs


Pressed Steel advert Pressed Steel advert

On the 16th Oct. '58 the BTC placed orders for 168 high density vehicles - 57 DMBSs, 57 DMSs and 54 TCs for the WR. The Pressed Steel Company was to build 123 of these at their Linwood Plant (near Paisley) and BRC&W to build the other 45 (which would become the Class 118s). At the time 108 were for suburban services from Paddington, 15 for the Bristol-Taunton area, and 45 for services in Devon & Cornwall, west of Newton Abbott. Delivery commenced in November '59, with the final 117 set delivered a year later on the 5/11/60.

Interestingly, just three months previously the BTC placed an order with Pressed Steel for 48 vehicles for the WR. The order consisted of nine DMBC opens, nine DMSL opens and ten TS opens with buffets! These would be formed into 3-car sets for West of England services. The rest of the order was for 14 bubblecars with 6 DTSs to run with them. This was the first order placed for the WR West of England dieselisation scheme. While the factory did produce the bubbles (ammended to 16 with 10 trailers), the Cross-Country sets were not, they were re-assigned to be built by Swindon.

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