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Class 117 Pressed Steel 3-car DMUs

Non Passenger Use

Chiltern Railways Water Jetting Train

Three vehicles became the Chiltern Railways water jetting train.

Two cars were converted in 2003:
   977987 ex 51371
   977988 ex 51413

A third was added in 2004, being a powered centre vehicle. This was converted from previously preserved DMS, which had the cab cut off and a gangway end added:
   977992 ex 51375

It's pictured in the sidings at Aylesbury in January 2007 by Fred Clark.

Class 117 mock up

This may be classed as a 'non-passenger' 117, as it was made for the public, but they certainly never went anywhere in it! This is a wooden mock-up, numbered 51401, containing a cinema which seated 62, an information bureau and "sectioned scale models which operated at the touch of a button". Built for the "Boys' and Girls' Exhibition" held at Olympia in the early '60s.

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