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Class 108 Derby 2,3 & 4-car DMUs


When new the class was turned out in Brunswick green with cream lining and speed whiskers applied to the driving cab fronts below the windscreens (the first few did not have whiskers). Roofs were grey with white cab domes, buffer beams were painted red and the blue square coupling code was displayed above each buffer.

During the early '60s the speed whiskers gave way to the more visible yellow warning panels beneath the cab windows and the white cab roofs gradually changed to black, as did the roofs themselves. By the late '60s the all over corporate image Rail Blue was applied with full yellow cab ends and black buffer beams - also the British Railways lion and wheel was replaced by the then new British Rail double arrow symbol.

The Class 108s were included in the refurbishment programme, and starting in 1976 some appeared in the livery of white with broad blue bodyside stripe which ran from end to end below the passenger windows. The cab fronts remained yellow, and the train describing panels had by this time fallen out of use and were either removed or plated over.

Modifications were made to the interior of the cars during refurbishment - carriage heating, floor and wall coverings, seating material and saloon lighting in most cases were replaced, improving passenger comfort and extending vehicle life. The livery however was superseded by the more conventional and durable Rail Blue and Grey scheme used on loco hauled stock. Later most if not all first class accommodation on DMC and DTC was downgraded to second class, the vehicles involved becoming DMS and DTS respectively.

Blue Grey 108

A couple of blue / grey sets seen at Mochdre, before the building of the now adjacent A55 expressway, on the 28th August 1981. Bill Read.

Retro Green 108

One set, including 54247, was later painted back into green. Malcolm Clements.

Some sets also appeared in NSE livery.

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