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Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs


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105 DMU

August 1964
Three 2-car Cravens (later Class 105) DMUs at Hornsea Town station forming a Summer Saturday service to Hull - c.08/1964. Hornsea Town was the eastern terminus of the Hull and Hornsea branchline. The last passenger train between Hull and Hornsea ran on 19th October 1964. Goods traffic continued to use the line as far as Hornsea Bridge until 3rd May 1965. © 2018 - 53A Models of Hull Collection. Scanned by me from the original 35mm monochrome negative. 53A Models of Hull Collection.

105 DMU


13th May 1981
The single line token exchange is about to take place, As a Cravens Class 105 Power-Twin formed of cars M50765 & M50804 arrives at Rufford with the 17.19 Preston to Ormskirk service on May 13th 1981. The Ormskirk services were normally in the hands of Derby built Class 108s and the appearance of a Cravens unit was not common. Martyn Hilbert.

105 DMU

21st June 1980
A scene which sums up the downfall of a one-time main line route, On Midsummers Day, June 21st 1980 a Cravens Class 105 Power-Twin (the Motor Brake Second noted as M50768), arrives at Croston with the 13.37 Ormskirk to Preston service. The station was still equipped with vintage LMS concrete lamps on the one remaining operational platform. The former main line was singled in the early 1970s, and the one-time Goods Yard became a Timber Yard. Martyn Hilbert.

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