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Class 104 BRC&W 2, 3 & 4-car DMUs

Non-passenger use

Some members of the class found themselves involved in Departmental duties following their withdrawal from passenger service. M54182 was converted to Sandite cae ADB977554 during early 1988 at Gorton Road C&W Works (Manchester) and at the end of 1987 Buxton TMD was converting M54183 to ADB977555, another Sandite car. 53472/478/530 were also used as Sandite cars in Scotland until April 1989. Derby RTC has also used various 104s, including 53451/454/475/499/528/529, although none were used by the RTC for any period of time.

Original New  Type   Details   From   To
50422 ADB977344  DMBS   RTC use - M&EE Test Unit   11/85   11/86
50475 ADB977342  DMBS   Carriage Washing Test Coach   11/85   1988
50506 ADB977343  DMC   M&EE Test Unit   11/85   11/86
56182 ADB977554  DTC   Sandite   6/89   12/92
56183 ADB977555  DTC   Sandite   12/87   12/92
Class 104 at Derby Etches Park

53451/529 had been used as part of the DMU Auto-gear and carriage washing experiments. They left the RTC as 9X14 for Mayer Parry at Snailwell on 12/2/91 accompanied by Class 103 DB975089/90 and Class 116 53063/119. They are seen in the photograph at Etches Park on 3/2/91, days before leaving for Snailwell. Kevin Dowd.

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Non-Passenger Use

Details about preserved Class 104s can be found here.

Many thanks to Kevin Dowd for his assistance in the preparation of these pages, and to Eddie Knorn for further data.

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