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Class 103 Park Royal 2-car DMUs


Class 103 second 
   class saloon

Limpet blue asbestos supplied by J. W. Robertson Limited was sprayed on the inside of all exterior panelling. The flooring, which was bolted to the main crossmembers and to the intermediate supports, was 7/8 inch thick Douglas fir ply, with 1/2 inch thick insulation on top.

The second class seating (first images) was "bus" type tubular frame seats, with a polished top handrail, in 2 + 3 formation. These lower back seats were promoted as giving better visibility and an aid to reducing travel sickness. All seats had Dunlopillo cushions and Hairlock squabs.

The first class seats (second image), also formed from tubular framing, were higher backed, with armrests in a 2 + 2 style. The original moquette used was blue and grey in first and maroon and grey in second.

The interior walls were leathercloth covered lining panels up to cantrail level, in colours matching the seats. Ceiling panels were Laconite. Rubber filled aluminium mouldings were fitted to protect the enamel of the roof covering behind the anodised aluminium tubular luggage racks. These were supplied by Deans & Son (Yorkshire) Ltd who also supplied the seat frames. There were flush-fitting coir fibre door mats in a sunken pan at each door way. The floors had 3/16 inch thick linoleum, covered with carpets in first class.

Class 103 first 
   class saloon

The vestibules were formed by glazed partitions trimmed to match the saloon, and first class was separated by a sliding door.

Beclawat full-drop balanced windows were fitted to exterior doors, and the main side windows were glazed in a wide aluminium pan which formed the drain trough, supplied by Hallam, Sleigh & Cheston Ltd. Standard sliding window ventilators were fitted, with Airvac extraction ventilators in the roof. The toilets were finished in ivory enamel with black mouldings.

The drivers desk was faced with black formica.

In later years the DTCs were declassified to second class only. The two figure headcode panels were latterly plated over.

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