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Basic Fault Table

Heater will not start a) heater cable disconnected Examine plug and socket contacts and insert plug firmly into socket
b) fuse blown Test for earth fault and replace fuse
c) saloon thermostat operated (auto types only) Check saloon temperature and test by shorting out saloon thermostat
d) control panel or wiring Change panel and test on test rig
e) motor o/ circuit Change heater. If within 4 months of installation test on rig wires 8/9
f) excess heat thermostat or micro switch on electronic type o/ circuit Ensure battery voltage at 20v minimum. Replace heater and test on rig
Stops at end of cycle a) fuel fault Ensure fuel supply to heater - fuel valve unrestricted. Check battery voltage at 20v minimum (with lights off). Lightly tap solenoid to assist if voltage is low
b) flame detection thermo or thermistor on electronic type o/ circuit Replace thermostat, remove heater if fitted with electronic type and test on rig
c) glow plug carbonised or o/ circuit Check battery voltage with lights off. Replace glow plug, check resistance box for heat indicating circuit complete
Stops after a few minutes a) poor combustion Check battery voltage with lights off. Ensure motor speed correct and not fouled mechanically
b) fuel restriction Ensure fuel lines clear and filter satisfactory. Check for water content or dirt
c) excess heat thermostat or thermistor on electronic type operating Check saloon air intake filter for restricted air flow, noted by overheat indication on outer case around output end of heater
Will not stop (cold air) a) flame detaction thermostat or thermistor (electronic type) sticking or o/ circuit Change thermostat - change heater and test on rig
b) relay contacts shorted on auto type Replace auto panel
Running slow a) battery voltage low Switch lights off and check battery charge
b) motor commutator or brushes faulty Tap heater lightly at fan end to check - renew heater
Excessive smoke a) battery volts low Charge battery
b) Fuel lines drawing air Check all fuel line nuts
c) Heater flooded with fuel Clear drain plug
Smoke entering compartments a) Smoke drawn into air intake Check excessive smoke cause
b) Fuel pipe washer to pump defective Replace heater
c) Heat exchange holed Replace heater

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