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Vehicle 56042 / 54042

Class 114

BR Diagram 641

Builder: BR Derby Works
Type: Low Density
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30210
Diagram: 641


08/03/57 New to 40A (Lincoln)
May-73Depot code changeLN (Lincoln)
21/06/87 Stored U. LN (Lincoln)
04/10/87 To Parcels Sector at TS (Tyseley)
27/11/88 Transferred to CA (Cambridge)
19/04/89 Withdrawn from CA (Cambridge) RPXX

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

56042 - original number
54042 - from Apr-83 (53xxx / 54xxx change)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

50042 56042 As delivered to 40A - 8th March 1957
50038 56042 Noted 23th May 1968
T021 53038 54042 Noted 24th January 1988
T021 53038 54042 Listed at Tyseley - 7th April 1988


Nov-79 - AWS fitted



Date: 18th April 1981

E56042 + E50038 New Holland Pier on April 18, 1981. A shame the ferry wasn't allowed to continue once the Humber Bridge was built. It would probably be still well used by train passengers between Hull and North Lincolnshire John Carter.


Date: 5th December 1987

Set number: T021

Class 114 54042, set number T021, is seen at Tyseley on 05.12.1987 with Red Star branding having been taken over by the Parcels sector. Andy Cole.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 26th December 1987

Set number: T021

Class 114 DMBS 53038, part of set T021 (presumably with 54042), is seen with Red Star parcels branding on the side at Tyseley on 26.12.1987. Andy Cole.


Date: 10th May 1988

Set number: T021

A Class 114 set led by 53038, carrying Tyseley set number T021 (and presumably with 54042), branded "Red Star" and displaying "Bingham" in the destination blind passes the remains of Burton Latimer & Isham station with an up service. The up slow has already been lifted and the last remains of the down slow are being dealt with. A quarter of a century later, a third track was re-instated. Mike Dean.


Date: 28th November 1988

Set number: T021

Tyseley DMU depot includes Class 114 Derby 2-car DMU T021 (53038 + 54042) and another unidentifed set plus high density stock on 28-11-88. On Tour With the Class 13 Army.


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