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Vehicle 56421 / 54421

Class 105

BR Diagram 533

Builder: Cravens
Type: Low Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30470
Diagram: 533


01/07/58 New to 40A (Lincoln)
w/e 28/02/59 Transferred to 34B (Hornsey)
Apr-60 Transferred to 34G (Finsbury Park)
May-73Depot code changeFP (Finsbury Park)
w/e 12/02/78 Transferred to NR (Norwich)
w/e 23/04/78 Transferred to SF (Stratford)
12/05/85 Transferred to NC (Norwich Crown Point)
Oct-86 Transferred to LN (Lincoln)
Feb-87 Withdrawn from LN (Lincoln) - also noted W 23/11/86 from NC

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

56421 - original number
54421 - from Apr-83 (53xxx / 54xxx change)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

51263 56421 As delivered to 40A - 1st July 1958
51263 56421 Transfer to 34B - w/e 28/02/59
50369 56421 Noted 30th August 1979
34 53366 54421 Listed at Norwich - December 1985
34 53366 54421 Listed at Norwich - Summer 1986
34 53366 54421 Noted 11/07/86
34 53366 54421 Noted 13/08/86
45 53365 54421 Formation change - Norwich - Sep-86 - 54421 replaced 54436 (W)



Date: 6th July 1985

A Class 105 set with 54421 at the front passes Saltley on its way to Norwich on July 6, 1985. Andy Cole.


Date: 21st September 1985

On Saturday 21st September 1985 Cravens driver trailer 54421 is seen at Norwich along with a Class 120 and 47 582. Colin Brooks.


Date: 15th March 1986

Set number: 34

At Norwich on 15/3/86 is Sheringham bound Set 30 on the left (E54125 closest) alongside Set 34, a relatively recent arrival at Norwich depot, but destined to be one of the final seven sets based there. Formed of E54421 & E53366, the set number is shown in the old destination indicator on the trailer which is possibly unique. Photo by Philip Mott. Gerard Fletcher.


Date: 1st April 1986

On a couple of Saturdays in 1986, my friend Phil Mott accompanied me on an Anglian Day Ranger ticket. He equipped me with a 'proper' camera and between us we took some black and white pictures on our travels. This in Norwich on 1st April 1986. I suspect it is one of Phil's pictures as I tended to avoid getting people in mine, which in retrospect is a bit of a shame. Mind you, we'd probably be carted off by the BTP if we took a picture like this today. Our aim was to photograph the Cravens 105s and Classic series ETH Class 31/4s, so this was a bit of good fortune, getting a trio of Cravens. Gerard Fletcher.


Date: 11th July 1986

Set number: 34

Cravens unit E54421 and E53366 (Norwich set 34) on a Peterborough to Cambridge working passing Kiln Lane, Ely. 11.07.86. Surface Stock.


Date: 13th August 1986

Set number: 34

Norwich allocated Cravens class 105 dmu made up of cars E54421 + E53366 is seen running along the River Yare, nearing Hadisco with a Norwich-Lowestoft service, 13th August 1986. Andrew J Crowther.


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