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Vehicle 50109 / 53109

Class 116

BR Diagram 554

Builder: BR Derby Works
Type: High Density
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: None
Engines: Leyland 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30213
Diagram: 554

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

50109 - original number
53109 - from Apr-83 (53xxx / 54xxx change)



Date: 8th April 1964

Set number: 314

W50109 leads a 3-car Class 116 with a Class 122 on the rear at Solihull on the 8.0am Leamington Spa (G) - Birmingham (M St), 8th April 1964. Michael Mensing.


Date: 11th October 1974

This is an example of how a clear view of the road ahead was possible from the front seat of a dmu, taken at Lichfield Station (Staffordshire) on 11th October 1974. The LNWR Lichfield City Station opened in 1849 and still retains a lot of its character today. Here the starter signal is pulled off for dmu M50109 to take the junction for Birmingham New Street via Sutton Coldfield. This trip to New Street was memorable because the carriage was full of screaming teenagers all wearing tartan outfits - unfortunately the Bay City Rollers were in concert in town that evening. The white plate with the number 6 on it indicates where a 6 car dmu train should stop. Sadly not needed anymore as I only ever see 2 or 3 car trains these days. This station is on the now electrified cross-city line from Reddich so I assume the semaphore signals & LNWR box must have been replaced. Pete LG99.


Date: 15th September 1988

Set number: N651

Class 116 two-car set N651 is formed of 53109 and 53078 when seen in Manchester Victoria on September 15th, 1988. Behind is a Met-Camm / Class 108 hybrid. Rex Holt.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 1st August 1978

Set number: TS522

Class 116 set TS522 (M50078, M59022, M50109) with the 16:41 Birmingham Moor Street service at Stratford upon Avon on August 1st, 1979. Met-Camm 50312 is on the left. John Carter.


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