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Set EP520

These formations have been noted:

50711 59292 50659 Listed at DY - circa Jun-82

Date: 1984

A 7-car formation seen at Sleaford in 1984. Apparently stabled in sidings, DMS(L) E53659 is seen at the end of a mixture of vehicles, including a Class 101 TS(L), Class 120 DMBC(L) and two Class 114s at the rear. Graeme Phillips Collection.


Date: 10th March 1984

Class 120 set EP520 on a Derby - Matlock service awaits time at Derby Saturday 10th March 1984. Colin Brooks.


Date: circa 1986

A Class 120 Swindon Cross-Country set in Glasgow Central station, circa-1986. Still carrying set number EP520, this is presumed to be 53659. Andrew McConnell.

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