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Set Numbers / Formations


by Robert Chilton (and Eddie Knorn)

When the vehicles were at Tyseley they were formed into a set because they all happened to be non-gangwayed and the trailer was a TS, i.e. with no toilet. Before the influx of 117s and 118s, there were many non-gangwayed 116 sets at Tyseley, with various classes of trailer cars, and T511 was the last one in 1988.

The vehicles concerned were DMBS 53832 / TS 59649 / DMS 53913 or DMBS 53832 / TS 59649 / DMS 53105 (March 1987)

The centre trailer was a Class 115 and until 1986 was allocated to Marylebone (ME), the 116 power cars were possibly always at Tyseley, certainly since 1980.

All three vehicles were allocated to Tyseley from 1987 and were shown in stocklists as ‘facelifted’ but not gangwayed.

Set T511 was withdrawn during 1988.

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