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Vehicle 59144

Class 104

BR Diagram 582

Builder: BRC&W
Type: Low Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30295
Diagram: 582

No images of the vehicle available.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 7th August 1982

Cars M50514 + M59166 + M50458 / M50511 + M59144 + M50459 call at Llandudno Junction with the 09"59 Stockport - Llandudno, 7th August 1982. Graeme Phillips Collection.


Date: 20th January 1985

Buxton based BRC&W class 104 3 car dmu M53598, M59144, M53542, is seen at Bankend between Furness Vale and New Mills Newtown, whilst working a Buxton-Manchester Piccadilly service. 20th January 1985 Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 9th March 1985

Having just left Middlewood station on the 1in60 climb to Disley, Buxton based BRC&W class 104 dmu (M53542, M59144, M53598) emerges from the short Middlewood Tunnel which takes the railway underneath the Macclesfield Canal. 9th March 1985. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 30th November 1985

Set number: BX488

With the Buxton tracks having been temporary slewed, two Buxton allocated BRC&W class 104 dmu's are about to pass each other, working the Manchester Piccadilly - Buxton services on 30th November 1985. The cord track bed is now in place it wont be long before the track on the cord is in place as well, providing a link between the old Midland Rly that crosses the bridge and the L&NW Rly, an idea that was first proposed in 1902, the cord opened for traffic on the 12th May 1986. BX488 presumably contains 53542 59144 53598. Andrew J Crowther.


Date: 11th May 1990

E78971, 78719, 59144, 51458, 51812 and 51520 are seen outside Vic Berrys on May 11, 1990. Surface Stock.



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