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Class 128 Gloucester RC&W Parcel DMU Cars


Delivered in lined green, "Parcels Service" lettering was displayed on both sides on the lower bodyside. Whiskers were applied, some with a double set on the gangway covers.

Load text on a Class 128

Above: The text carried above the right bogie, the left side had just the bottom line about the tail load. Soon small yellow panels were applied, to the ungangwayed sets on the lower cab front, while the gangwayed ones had a yellow gangway cover.

Corporate all- blue with full yellow ends appeared in the late '60s, again with "Parcels Service" lettering.

In the '90s they were painted into the red Royal Mail livery with twin lower bodyside stripes and Royal Mail lettering. Sliding doors were thick red / yellow stripes at 45 degrees.

55993 is seen at Cambridge in its Royal Mail livery. Undated. Robert Frise Collection.

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