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Class 126 Swindon Inter-City 3-car DMUs


126 DMU

Green with whiskers

Almost all the vehicles were delivered in the lighter 'Multiple Unit' green with cream lining, and whiskers on the leading cabs only. The two exceptions were the two buffet cars (59098/9) which appeared in the darker 'Loco Green' which was by then the standard. The image shows brand new vehicles stored at Lugton on the 30th May 1959 awaiting entry to service later in the year. WAC Smith.

126 DMU

Green with yellow panel

Initial repaints were into the darker Loco Green, with yellow panels appearing at the same time. In this livery a set forming the 12.11pm Glasgow - St.Enoch - East Kilbride service arrives into Thorntonhall station on May 23rd, 1964. WAC Smith.

126 DMU

This image shows the barely visible yellow panel on the intermediate power car. It is set number 162 unloading its passengers in Corkerhill station on April 2nd, 1967. Hamish Stevenson.

Small yellow panel

Rail blue with small yellow panel

In the late 1960s when blue appeared at least one Ayrshire set in an early blue variation of small yellow panels. This image - a still taken from a cine film by George Miller - is the only one of this variation I've came across.

126 DMU

Rail blue with full yellow ends

Although technically known as 'Inter-City' vehicles, they were not classed as such and so received plain blue livery unlike other 'Inter-City' DMUs and coaching stock which normally went straight into blue/grey livery. This images shows DMS SC51016 leading a 6-car set into Glasgow Central from the Ayrshire Coast on 26/3/74. John McIntyre.

GG and TransClyde branding

The seventies also saw the Ayrshire vehicles carrying a "GG" logo, this representing the Greater Glasgow PTE. This was later re-branded as "Trans-Clyde", this new name was normally applied adjacent to the GG.

126 DMU

Blue / Grey

Blue/grey did appear in these colours from around 1977. The image shows Set 411 (DMBS Sc51041, TS Sc59393, DMS Sc51026) in blue / grey livery with the GG Trans-Clyde branding. In their latter years workings to Carlisle were not unknown, this shot is dated 6th August 1979. Robert Frise.


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