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Class 110 BRC&W 3-car DMU


Delivered in lined green, the speed whiskers were unique in being the reverse of other classes. The thick section was in the centre, above the coupling, and it tapered to become the waist height lining. They had red buffer beams, and initially white cab roof domes, although these were lost by the time the yellow warning panels were added.

In the late '60s Rail Blue with yellow ends became the standard, as in this image of 52071 at Huddersfield on 31/7/73. David Mant.

Of the two early rail blue variations, I have found no evidence that the more common small yellow panel version was carried by any member of the Class, but the yellow cab door variety was - see this image on David Ford's Flickr site.

Being refurbished late in the programme, only three sets received the white with blue stripe livery before blue and grey was introduced in 1979. The image shows 52073 with 59707 and 51846 on 02/08/79 at Lancaster Castle Station in this livery. Robert Frise.

Hammerton St set aside a 3-car set for a day for Hornby staff to measure it for their model. This was at the start of the refurbishment period, and their first release was in the white with blue band refurbished livery. The model was an example from the former NER batch, and the only ex-NER trailer carried this livery was 59707.

51812 is seen at Leeds in blue / grey livery, 14/1/89. Norman Cross.

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