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Class 109 Wickham 2-car DMUs


Photos of the set in Departmental use: 975005 / 975006.

109 DMU

A Wickham set arrives at Clare on a Cambridge - Sudbury working in 1966. P Hoquard courtesy of David Underwood.

109 DMU

Date unknown
A Wickham set arriving into Wivenhoe station. Undated. Llangollen Railcar Group Collection.

109 DMU


20th June 1971
Wickham built DMBS 50417 in the back yard at Norwich depot, 20th June 1971. Tim Stubbs.

109 DMU

Date unknown
Wickham vehicles at Norwich in the early 1970s. John Law.

109 DMU

29th July 1964
A Wickham set seen at Manningtree on 29-7-64. Tim Stubbs.

109 DMU


30th July 1964
Wickham set E56173 and E50418 in Manningtree station, 30th July 1964. Tim Stubbs.

109 DMU

19th July 1959
A Wickham set is seen north of Ely, on the March route, with the 4.51pm Ely - Peterborough service, Sunday July 19th 1959. Michael Mensing.

109 DMU

21st March 1959
The staff are having a chit-chat at Marks Tey as this Wickham set waits to depart on the 5.20pm Ipswich - Cambridge service, March 21st 1959. Michael Mensing.

109 DMU


October 1963
Wickham DMU E50418 is seen beside D5550 outside Cambridge North box in October 1963. The lack of passengers and tail lamp suggests it is arriving ECS, it will work the 09.56 local to Ipswich. Copyright Chris Burton. Gerard Fletcher.

Non-Passenger Use

The preserved Wickham unit (external site).

Thanks to Andrew Middleton and Keith Gunner for additional information.

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