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Class 107 Derby 3-car DMUs

Introduced: 1960
Coupling code: Blue Square
Underframe: 57ft 6in
Engines: AEC 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical

Class 107

Introduced in December 1960 there were 26 of these three-car low density sets, the last first generation DMU vehicles to be built at Derby.

They were externally very similar to the later batches of Class 108s, although of a more robust steel construction making them notably heavier. This earned them the name of "Derby Heavyweights", along with other steel vehicles.

Built for the Glasgow South side suburban services on the ScR the class was remained in Scotland until withdrawal. In time they would work on all local and interurban services along the densely populated industrial belt of southern Scotland between Ayr and Edinburgh and into Fife. All were delivered to Hamilton (66C/HN) depot, movements found them also allocated to Ayr, Corkerhill, Eastfield, Haymarket and Leith Central.

The sets did occasions venture south of the border, and one centre car spent some time allocated to English depots.

In their later days they were frequently seen with "foreign" centre cars, normally of Class 101. Most vehicles were withdrawn in 1991/2, some saw sandite use and also preservation.

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