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DMU Accident

Near Whitehaven, LMR - 27/11/73

After standing at the Bransty (Whitehaven) Up Home signal for ten minutes, a freight train comprising of 38 loose-coupled wagons behind a Class 25 diesel (D7546) was just starting to pull away from the cleared signal when it was run into at the rear by a 2-car Class 108 DMU (50961 & 56243) traveling from Carlisle to Whitehaven (2P59) which had been irregularly let into the section.

The leading bogie of the passenger train and the brakevan and rearmost vehicle of the freight train were derailed. Whilst considerable damage was done to the leading coach of the passenger train, only the driver of this train and the guard of the freight train were injured.

The collision was the direct result of irregular block working by the signalman on duty who allowed the passenger train to enter a section still occupied by the preceeding freight train.

Report cover

DOE; 10pp; f/o location diagram, track and signalling diagram, gradient diagram (C.F. Rose)

Stripped 50961

M50961 is seen at Carlisle, 18th June 1974. The cab and all the underframe items have been removed, except the battery boxes. David Mant.

Near Whitehaven, LMR

Involving Class 108 / Freight
Vehicles included: 50961 / 56243

Information from Peter Mullen.

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