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DMU Accident

Uplawmoor, ScR - Date unknown

A set of five pictures showing a derailment. It appears that the lorry toppled over at the bridge, the 101/120 hybrid hit the load from the lorry which was spread over the track, derailing the leading bogie of the 101 DMBS. It was lucky the lorry trailer stopped where it did, another few feet forward and the incident would have been far worse. John Reddyhoff.

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Addition info from Fraser Cochrane - " The line is the Glasgow & South Western main line and the bridge is the one carrying the A736 over the line at the south end of Uplawmoor, Renfrewshire. The service involved would be a Kilmarnock-Glasgow (hence Glasgow Central on the destination blind) and would have been travelling at speed as it would have been about halfway between it's booked stops at Dunlop and Barrhead. Trains from further south at that time would have been loco hauled. The presence of the 120 vehicle suggests the picture was taken in 1986-88. The picture of the lorry taken from track level is taken from the site of the former Caldwell station (Uplawmoor station was on the Lanarkshire & Ayrshire Railway and closed when the line was cut back to Neilston at the time of electrification).""

Uplawmoor, ScR
Date unknown

Involving Class 101

Information from John Reddyhoff and Fraser Cochrane

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