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DMU Accident

Llanddaniel Occupational Level Crossing, LMR - 25/05/65

A Crewe – Holyhead DMU passenger train running at 45mph struck and wrecked a Vauxhall Victor saloon car which was going over an unclassified level crossing which connected two farms and a private house on one side of the railway with the main road on the opposite side. The only occupant of the car, a local farmer, was killed although nobody on the train was injured. After an Up train had drawn away, the crossing keeper simply opened the gates to road traffic rather than looking at her train indicators a second time to establish that there was not another train coming. Had she done so she would have seen the approach of a Down train was being displayed on the second indicator. The accident was therefore the result of human error on the part of the elderly crossing keeper (who subsequently gave up her position of gatekeeper. No details of the type of DMU involved in the accident is provided in the official report.

MOT; n/c; 4pp; (C.H. Hewison).

Llanddaniel Occupational Level Crossing, LMR

Involving DMU / Road Vehicle

Information from Peter Mullen

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