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On 15th April 1973 a "Calder Valley" three car class 110 dmu disappears into New Mills tunnel heading for the Hope Valley line with a service for Sheffield and probably beyond. On the left in the New Mills turn back tunnel as we called it, because it was used to turn back the 2 car dmus back to Manchester is a class 104 dmu, this tunnel is 197 yards long and was only half bricked up at the other end, officially called Hayfield Tunnel and was the start of the 2.5 mile branch to Hayfield which closed to all traffic on 03/01/70. Today the tunnel is trackless but the tunnel mouth is still there, at the other end of the tunnel is the start of the Sett Valley trail which is on the old track bed to Hayfield.


New Mills Central
15th April 1973
Andrew J Crowther


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