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The unusually liveried class 116 DMS 53116 at the head of set TS611 formed with class 127 TSL 59611 and class 116 DMBS 53055, at Birmingham New Street on 12/Jul/1986. I recall that 53056 at the other end of the set was painted to match and I wondered at the time whether on one or other driving car the livery was inspired by a mistake in the grey band being taken too far beyond the saloon windows and then taken complete with white lining round the cab ends to make the best of a bad job. Having said that, the black cab window surrounds and the fact that the sides of every car and the cab ends were emblazoned with 'WM' logos probably suggests that it was a deliberate attempt at a special livery.


Birmingham New Street
12th July 1986
Robert Chilton


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