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The Blues Brothers on the Toton leg of their tour! DB975042 forms a backdrop at Toton in April, 1982, to some of the route learning contingent from Guide Bridge. Look how proud they stand, this sums up British Rail, a group of guys working for the UK wide network before Thatcher ruined it. From left to right - Bob Malpas, Eddy Bowlas, Norman Robinson, Frank something or other, Jack Wright, Bill Millerin and guard something or other? This was an amazing few weeks. Woodhead had shut, thoughts of depot closure had evaporated when new work was coming our way and the future looked hopeful. On top of that, many of us already knew Derby, Tibshelf and Westhouses so the bits in between didn't take that long to learn, meaning a three week 'jolly' to form some stronger bonds with fellow railwaymen, which was a privilege.


April 1982
Arnie Furniss


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