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A class 122 single car waits to leave Stourbridge Town for Stourbridge Junction in 1969. This station was systematically vandalised over the years, with the canopy first to be removed. Then a new bus shelter and portakabin ticket office were erected where the running in board is. This enabled demolition of the remaining building. Since then the station has been relocated and a new transport interchange opened. The line used to be double here, with a nearby Signalbox controlling it and eventually they were converted to 2 single lines with the right hand one continuing down a fearsome gradient to a goods depot. Notoriety was gained during the 70s with the unit running through the stop blocks, the most serious being in 1977 when the front bogies dropped into Foster street. Fortunately it was Grand National Day and most of the good people of Stourbridge were backing their ggs!


Stourbridge Town
Stephen Burdett


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