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A 1961 built BRC&W built "MetroTrain" branded class 110 'Calder Valley' 2 car dmu, E51809 and E51846, leaves Oxspring Tunnel on the old Wath branch of the 1500DC Woodhead system, with a Huddesfield-Sheffield service, 28th March 1987. These units were an updated version of the class 104 but powered by the much more powerful Rolls Royce C6NFLH engines , 2 per driving car, designed for the route they were built for, the Lancashire & Yorkshire mainline, hence the nickname 'Calder Valley' they were originally delivered as 3 car units. The last of the class were taken out of service in October 1989 but by then they were no longer common in the Calder Valley.


Oxspring Tunnel
28th March 1987
Andrew J Crowther


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