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Vehicle 79970

Park Royal Railbus

BR Diagram 613

Builder: Park Royal
Type: Railbus
Length: 42ft
Coupling Code: None
Coupling Type: None
Gangway Type: None
Lot Number: 30480
Diagram: 613


12/02/59 New to Leith Central
01/08/59Depot code change64H (Leith Central)
4w/e 27/08/60 Transferred to 60B (Aviemore)
4w/e 26/08/61 Transferred to 63A (Perth)
2w/e 23/09/61 Transferred to 60B (Aviemore)
04/03/63 Transferred to 67C (Ayr)
18/03/67 Withdrawn from 67C (Ayr)


mid-May 1959 - Sc79958/9 had arrived in Hamilton for driver training by mid-May 1959. The former had worked the first month of the Beith branch service - not devoid of failure and replaced by SC79979 (after it had spent several months on the Crieff branch). SC79959 had been on the Aviemore - Elgin line until replaced early in April by Sc79970. The other Park Royal SC79974 was at Ayr.



Date: 1959

Park Royal Railbus SC79970 at Aviemore in 1959. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 1959

Park Royal railbus SC79970 heading away from Aviemore with an Elgin service in 1959. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 1966

Park Royal railbus SC79970 in Troon station in 1966. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: April 1966

Although slightly blurred, this is very likely to be SC79970 stabled on Ayr depot during Easter weekend. Phil Griffin.


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