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Vehicle 59049

Class 101

BR Diagram 626

Builder: Met-Camm
Type: Low-Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30251
Diagram: 626


9th August 1986 - Seen in Strathclyde orange & black livery



Date: June 1991

Met-Camm TBS Sc59049 in Snailwell in June 1991. Surface Stock.


Date: June 1991

Met-Camm TBS in Snailwell in June 1991. Surface Stock.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 15th April 1984

Set number: 101363

Class 101 units on Dundee depot on the 15th April 1984. Nearest the camera is set 101363 consisting of Sc53144 + Sc59049 + Sc53746. Kevin Law.


Date: 23rd May 1984

Set number: 101363

Set 101363 at Stirling on 23/05/1984. Car numbers are 53144 + 59049 + 53746. The leading car unusually retains the central marker lights (top and bottom) and the top one even looks like it might be switched on, though there is no glass lens - both these central lights were usually removed upon refurbishment. The full length uninterrupted cantrail rain strip suggests the vehicle has been refurbished. Graeme Phillips Collection.


Date: circa 1985

Set number: 101

The support arms, but not the wires, for the Ayrline Electrification have been installed at Troon setting the date to circa 1985. The Glasgow - Ayr electrified service came into operation in September 1986. 53160 and 59049 make up the first two vehicles in the Class 101 set. Andrew McConnell.


Date: 22nd May 1991

Set number: CH616

M53442, M53431, Sc59074, Sc59525, Sc59049 at Chester await being sent for scrap, 22-5-91. Kevin Dowd.


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