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Vehicle 55995

Class 128

BR Diagram 643

Builder: GRC&W
Type: Parcels Van
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: None / BR Standard
Engines: Albion 230hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30551
Diagram: 643


Mar-60 New to TYS (Tyseley)
30/06/73 Transferred to NH (Newton Heath)
Oct-73 Transferred to TS (Tyseley)
Oct-73 Transferred to CH (Chester)
May-85 Transferred to NH (Newton Heath)
07/07/85 Transferred to TS (Tyseley)
p/e 17/11/88 Transferred to CA (Cambridge) RPXN
p/e 30/11/90 Transferred to CH (Chester) PCHX
Nov-90 Withdrawn


26th June 1988 - Seen in Vic Berry's yard

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

TY003 55995 Noted circa Jun-69
TY003 55995 Listed at 2A - 16/08/70
TS005 55995 Listed at Tyseley - Summer 1986
T3 55995 Listed at TS - Jul-87
T005 55995 Listed at Tyseley - 7th April 1988


Aug-74 - Dual AWS fitted



Date: 10th June 1960

DMPV 55995 on an up evening working (taken at 8.39pm) at Widney Manor on June 10th, 1960. Michael Mensing.


Date: 27th July 1979

DMPV 55995 arrives at Shrewsbury on the 27th July 1979. Chris Lings.


Date: 6th August 1979

Gloucester RC&W Parcels Car M55995 arrives at Chester, 6th August 1979. Stuart Pearce.


Date: 12th January 1983

08 153 and Class 128 DMU (DMLV) 55995 at Chester on 12-1-83. On Tour With the Class 13 Army.


Date: 20th October 1984

Class 128 parcels bubble car 55995 is seen passing Saltley on 20.10.1984. Tyseley had three of these, 55993 - 55995. Andy Cole.


Date: 20th April 1985

Class 128 M55995 is running as part of the 07:15 Aberystwyth - Shrewsbury on the 20th April 1985. Seen at Machynlleth. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 20th April 1985

Attached to the 04:10 ex-Shrewsbury at Aberystwyth on April 20, 1985, is Class 128 M55995. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 28th May 1985

M55995 resting at Piccadilly at 13:28 on the 28th May 1985 - (Note the squared off buffers). Paul Moxon.


Date: 4th July 1985

M55995 in Manchester Victoria on July 4, 1985, coupled to a Class 108. Malcolm Clements.


Date: 4th July 1985

M55995 coupled to a Class 108 in Manchester Victoria on July 4, 1985. Malcolm Clements.


Date: 11th January 1986

Set number: T005

Class 128 55995, set number T005, is seen approaching the washing plant at Tyseley on 11.01.1986 . Andy Cole.


Date: 1st June 1986

Class 128 DMPV 55995 at Coalville Open day on the 1st June 1986. Chris Lings.


Date: 17th July 1986

Class 128 Gloucester-built parcels car 55995 at Finedon Road, Wellingborough with a Bedford to Leicester service on the 17th July 1986. Mike Dean.


Date: 14th July 1989

Class 128 parcels DMU 55995 hauls E94022 at Queen Adelaide on July 14, 1989. Surface Stock.


Date: 19th August 1989

55995 + a GUV van on Saturday only 3E26, the 17:57 Manchester Piccadilly to Leeds Parcel Depot at New Mills South Junction 19-8-89. Kevin Dowd.


Date: 29th April 1990

Class 128 55995 on Leicester TMD, 29-4-90. Kevin Dowd.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 5th July 1985

Multied up and in numeric order, Class 128s 55993/55994/55995 head south for further duties around the West Midlands on 5th July 1985. Taken near Hasland, Chesterfield. Paul Moxon.


Date: 6th July 1990

Parcels Class 114 55930 + 54900 is seen passing Washwood Heath with Class 128 55995 in the fading light on 06.07.1990. Andy Cole.


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