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Vehicle 55017 / 975227

Class 122

BR Diagram 539

Builder: GRC&W
Type: High Density
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: None
Engines: AEC 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30419
Diagram: 539


01/05/59 - Following a steam derailment at Slough the following formations were noted on "all-stations" trains from Paddington to Reading: W55016/56295, W55017/56294/55014, W51135/51148/55018.

17th May 1979 - TDB975227 noted at Glasgow Central.

July / August 1984 - TDB 975227 was noted running on the Midland main line.

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

55017 - original number
975227 - from 18/06/72 (departmental stock)

Department Use as TDB975227

Route Learner From 6/72 to 2/89.



Date: 29th March 1967

W55017 at Looe on the 29th March 1967. Stuart Mackay Collection.


Date: circa 1970

Set number: TY057

Bubble to bubble. Probably at Spring Road circa 1970, TY057 on the left is presumably 55017 which would become a route learner in 1972. Stuart Mackay Collection.


Date: unknown

Route learner 975227 (the former 55017) seen at Southall. Date unknown, probably mid-1970s. Stuart Mackay Collection.


Date: unknown

Class 122 975227 is seen on route-learning duties at Willesden, date unknown. Steve Davies Collection.


Date: 1974

TDB 975227 is seen at Preston in mid-1974. John McIntyre.


Date: 1976

975227 has taken passengers through the washer at Carlisle open day in 1976. Tim Stubbs.


Date: 2nd April 1982

Class 122 975227 is seen stabled at Saltley on 02.08.1982. This was converted from 55017 and was used as a route learning car. Andy Cole.


Date: 9th August 1982

Class 122 975227 is seen passing Saltley while route learning on 09.08.1982. Andy Cole.


Date: 8th September 1982

Class 122 975227 is seen stabling at Tyseley on 08.09.1982. Andy Cole.


Date: unknown

Class 122 route learner TDB975227 in Carlisle station. Undated. Andrew McConnell.


Date: 19th April 1985

TDB975227 and GUV, at Crewe during the re-modelling of the station, 19/4/85. Paul Moxon.


Date: 16th May 1985

TDB975227 at Crewe, 16/5/85. Neil Cannon.


Date: 7th December 1985

TDB975227 Class 122 is seen stabled at Tyseley on 07.12.1985. Andy Cole.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 1979

A route-learning Class 122 (probably TDB975227) on a driver training trip at Carlisle in 1979. John Law.


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