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Vehicle 50906 / 53906

Class 116

BR Diagram 554

Builder: BR Derby Works
Type: High Density
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: None
Engines: Leyland 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30364
Diagram: 554

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

50906 - original number
53906 - from Jul-83 (53xxx / 54xxx change)



Date: unknown

E50906 at the front of two Class 116 sets in Kings Cross in the late 1960s. Steve Davies Collection.


Date: 4th February 1989

The striped out shell of 1957 Derby built suburban Class 116 DMS M53906, seen in Vic Berrys scrapyard which was located in the old goods yard at Braunston Gate, Leicester, built by the Great Central Railway in the 1890's. The buffet car behind is S69322 out of class 420/2 Southern Region 4-Big emu, unit 7051. 4th February 1989. Andrew J Crowther.


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