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Vehicle 51520

Class 101

BR Diagram 621

Builder: Met-Camm
Type: Low-Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Engines: AEC 150 hp / Leyland 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30501
Diagram: 621



Date: 15th September 1984

Set number: 101330

Met-Camm 101 unit 101330 (presumably 51520 + 59555 + 51456) waits at Springburn with the 15:27 service to Cumbernauld on 15th September 1984. Bruce Galloway.


Date: 29th March 1986

Set number: 326

On 29th March 1986, 5 days after rail services returned to Bathgate, two Metro-Cammell 3 car sets, with 101326 leading, head away from the town with the 1203 service to Edinburgh. Initial duties on the line were shared between class 143 Pacer units and the indigenous 101s. Not surprisingly, the latter eventually took over all the services. Despite appearances this section was not double track, the line nearer the camera was for freight, primarily automotive traffic. The station was to close in 2010 when the through line to Airdrie was completed with a new station constructed nearby. Bruce Galloway.


Date: 24th April 1988

Class 101 51520 is seen inside the factory at Tyseley undergoing repair on 24.04.1988. Andy Cole.


Date: 19th August 1989

47289 at Leeds waiting to haul 51520 and 51456, 19th August 1989. Jerry Glover.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 16th August 1980

A ScR 6-car formation, SC51250 + SC59557 + SC51794 / SC51520 + SC59553 + SC51454 at Lancaster Castle on a Horwick Works Open day connection, 16/8/80. Robert Frise.


Date: mid-1988

Set number: T202

Carrying ScotRail branding, set T202 (51456 + 51520) is seen at Leicester in the siding used by Central Trains to stable units in. Circa mid-1988. Ian Francis.


Date: 11th May 1990

E78971, 78719, 59144, 51458, 51812 and 51520 are seen outside Vic Berrys on May 11, 1990. Surface Stock.


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