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Set C615

These formations have been noted:

51781 59682 51788 Listed at CF - 15/12/1982
51781 59682 51788 Listed at CF - circa Jan-86
51781 59682 51788 Noted 20th May 1986

Date: 28th December 1980

3 car Swindon Cross Country set C615 (presumably 51781 + 59682 + 51788) stands at Crewe, 28 December 1980. Paul James.


Date: unknown

Class 120 set C615 heads out of Paisley Gilmour Street Station towards Glasgow, circa 1987. C615 was the unit's set number from its years at Cardiff, but it was originally allocated to the Scottish Region. Andrew McConnell.


Date: 1984

51781 leads 59682 and 51788 as set C615 through Bristol Stapleton Road in 1984. Robert Tarling.


Date: 1984

C615 is formed of former ScR vehicles W51788 / W59682 / 51781, and seen at Lawrence Hill in 1984. Robert Tarling.


Date: 5th June 1986

C615 is seen in Ayr station, presumably with 51788 closest, on June 5th 1986. Tom Clift.


Date: 14th June 1986

A nice hybrid set - W51781 is at the head of 107 59797 and 116 53132 at Haymarket depot, about to into Haymarket station to work the 18:15 to North Berwick. 14th July 1986. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 14th July 1986

W51781 in Haymarket depot on the 14th July 1986, about to work ECS to form the 18:15 Haymarket - North Berwick. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: August 1986

A Swindon Cross-Country DMBC W51781 at the buffers in Glasgow Central. August 1986. Still carrying its Cardiff set number, W prefix and headlamp bracket, it's now part of a hybrid set - the farthest away vehicle is a Class 107. Andrew McConnell.


Date: 7th September 1986

51781 was for most of it's life a Scottish vehicle, seen here back in Scotland after several years in Cardiff as can be seen by the set number still carried. Working with Class 120 M59268 + Class 107 51987, this is officially Ayr set 427. Seen in Glasgow Central station on the 7th September 1986, ready to work the 14:05 to Ayr. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: 22nd September 1986

A Class 120 DMU with W51781 at the front is seen in Ayr station on September 22, 1986, beside one of the EMUs which would replace it on the Ayr - Glasgow line. The ex-Cardiff vehicle (sent north to cover for the out-of-traffic Class 107s) was transferred to Haymarket the following week. WS Sellar.

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